North American Camping Report

Cairn Consulting Group is the research partner for the annual North American Camping Report that is sponsored by Kampgrounds of American, and was awarded the “Best in Analytics” by PRWeek.

Published each Spring for the past three years, this highly regarded report is a widely used tool that provides insights into the outdoors market (in particular camping) which is produced for public consumption.

The results are based on a national survey among U.S. and Canadian campers and is designed to glean insights into the camping behavior among a cross-section of camping households.

KOA has used this report to spearhead their public relations initiatives, as well as for use among organizations (both public and private) that serve the camping industry.

Skier and Snowboarder Study

With some ski resorts experiencing a downturn in visits during the 2016-2017 season, a survey among a cross-section of skiers and snowboarders was developed to identify some of the barriers that skiers and snowboarders experienced, as well as what the resorts could provide in order to entice more visits.

Additionally, the research was able to profile skiers and snowboarders based on their experiences, identify new segments of skiers and snowboarders and which segments are contributing to attrition.

This survey was a U.S. based survey among outdoor enthusiasts who skied or snowboarded during the 2016-2017 season.




RV Owner Experience Survey

This research was in response to fulfilling an informational need surrounding the experiences of owners and users of RVs, including their views on all of the different aspects and attributes of their RV as well as usage and intent.

Previously, there was a gap in knowledge regarding RVers views toward the specific type and model of RV they are using for their RVing experiences. This gap in consumer perceptions prevents those who are serving the RV sector from diagnosing any potential issues among the set of RV owners, as well as providing an understanding of the general views within the consumer set toward the RV category – all in a comparative context.

Given current customer experiences, the access to different social media and rapid spread of information, there is an ongoing need to gather critical consumer information that allows the sector to make sound, strategic, customer-centric decisions. With this in mind, a broad-based research approach was used to provide decision-makers with accurate, projectable answers from RVers representing the spectrum of RV types and uses.

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