Quantitative Research

We provide the expertise and experience to execute quantitative surveys using online, mobile platforms and phone methods. Our surveys are used to test perceptions and identify market opportunities on a more broad-based scale.

Qualitative Research

We provide moderating, recruitment and site-selection services for our clients who wish to conduct focus group studies – online, remotely and on-site. With years of experience in the nuances of conducting long-form, or in-depth interviews, using the information to explore in context what people think, feel, and experience and therefore place a premium on interviewing skills.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Our organization prides itself in providing to our partners the most complete, accurate and comprehensive set of analytics and visual presentations. Whether it is working with an existing data set, or information gathered via our primary research efforts, we have the capabilities to provide relevant analysis that will ensure that all output is actionable to your efforts.

Customer Experience

The customer experience (CX) platform is an integrated approach to measurement that includes a feedback component to assist in “closing the loop” in terms of the overall customer experience.
In particular, this approach identifies customer touchpoints and includes a component that solicits feedback for each touchpoint that could include active solicitation via a mobile app, email or text.
The CX system is designed to integrate with CRM systems, and includes a back-end model for satisfied customer (promoter) amplification where the customer is prompted to share via social media their experiences. Conversely, if a customer reports a negative experience (detractor), that triggers a service recovery mechanism.


Hybrid Models and Mobile Platforms

The environment for information gathering is rapidly changing, with modes of outreach evolving from traditional (e.g., phone, mail) to interactive mobile and online approaches.

Indeed, many organizations are leveraging the widespread usage of smartphones and tablets to engage customers “in-the-moment” via technologies such as “geo-fencing” and multi-media platforms (i.e., gathering customer feedback using video, photo and audio formats).

Additionally, the use of hybrid methods are being explored as a way to get quantitative information (e.g., mobile platform surveys), but in cases where the base may be limited, respondents are subsequently brought into qualitative settings (e.g., online discussions) to gain a deeper understanding of their experiences.